Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack Obama As President Of United States of America

Inauguration Barack Obama As President Of United States 20 January, 2009 : President Barack Obama Inauguration Selected Speech part 1, Jan 20, 2009 george bush george kenedy malcom x muhammed ali martin luther king nicolas sarcosy abdullah gul recep tayyip erdogan manuel barosso mahmud ahmedinejad ehud barack livni silvi berlusconi Rehearsals for Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony included military musicians practicing timing and movement complete with speeches and the swearing in of a Barack Obama stand-in. For more on the 2009 Presidential Inauguration see Obama's Presidency.

BARACK OBAMA - Inauguration Day!President Barack Obama Inauguration Day January 20, 2009
Tuesday January 20, 2009

He will be sworn in to take office as President elect. The United states of America.Barack Obama President Inauguration day January 20 2009 Tuesday 1/20 Sworn In US Capitol Ceremony United States Elect Barack Obama Inauguration Speech Jan 20 Part 2 of 2 as a Presidents of the United States of America
January 20, 2009
Capitol Hill, Washington DC

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