Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Money Minute : Consumer Confidence Craters

Here are the top money minute stories for December 30th: Consumer confidence at lowest-ever level; Home prices drop to record low; Treasury gives $5 billion to GMAC; Airbus meets key goal.

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New York Set to Rock New Year's Eve

That's where i am going for this new year 2009.If you guys coming then we will have lot's of fun.This is a first time for me to go there so i try to enjoy my self as much as i can.
The Jonas Brothers, Ne-Yo and Taylor Swift are among performers for New York's Times Square New Year's Eve. And there to lead the festivities - as he has 35 other times - will be Dick Clark - along with co-host Ryan Seacrest.

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Youtube Team Chose The Year In Video

A battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa's Kruger National Park while on safari.

Youtube Team has chose this video as a Year in video.Look at this how these buffaloes have save baby buffalo.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Google Review of 2008 !!!

That's what Google has done in this year of 2008
  1. Catch up with distant friends and family with Gmail voice and video chat, or send them a text message with SMS chat.
  2. When you're having trouble putting your feelings into words, try an emoticon.
  3. Pick a Gmail theme and spice up your inbox.
  4. Turn on Tasks and keep track of your holiday shopping.
  5. See your calendar, documents, and email all at once with Calendar and Docs gadgets.
  6. Get a new, faster Gmail app on your mobile phone.
  7. Use Mail Goggles to avoid sending out that embarrassing email after the company holiday party.
  8. Send in your self-addressed stamped envelope and get yourself some Gmail stickers.
  9. And there's more in Gmail Labs – forgotten attachment detector, superstars, and advanced IMAP controls – check out all the new stuff in the Labs tab under Settings.

This is from Google Blog.I am sharing with you guys what they have done in this year.Google is the best for giving us all this good feature for Free and making our life so easy. Keep It up.

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Rady For New Year !!! What's Your Plan ?

I don't know what i have done in new year 2008.But this time i will definetly do something good so i can remember until next year.I hope you guys also will do something like that.
What's your plan for this coming new year.At Time Square workers have put the finishing touches on a dazzling new Waterford Crystal ball that will drop in Times Square to signal the start of the new year.

Here is the video i find out.

I will be back with more update.

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Israeli Troops Near Gaza,

Israeli warplanes pressing one of Israel's deadliest assaults ever on Palestinian militants dropped bombs and missiles on a top security installation, smuggling tunnels and dozens of other targets across Hamas-ruled Gaza on Sunday.

I hope not India and Pakistan start anything like this. Economy is not good now days in Pakistan and as well as in India. We should not start anything like this.I keep my finger cross for this.
May God Bless us & God Bless India & Pakistan.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Marry Christmas !!!

Marry Christmas to you n your family, May in this festival santa bring joy and smiles in your life, N Joy

President-elect Barack Obama urges Americans to remember the troops serving overseas this holiday season as am i too.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Apply For Job In The Obama-Biden Administration.

Anyone out side who looking for job and want to work Obama-Biden Administration have start to take application for them. Here you can apply for Click Here

This website is designed to provide prospective applicants with information to help them apply for positions in the Obama-Biden Administration. President-Elect Obama will make appointments throughout the federal government. Some positions will require Senate confirmation while others will not. Some appointments will be made during the transition process and others during the early part of the new Administration.

Application Process
- Please complete and submit the on-line Expression of Interest Form below.
- Within a few days, you will receive an email with a link to a more complete on-line application.
- Upon submitting your full on-line application you will receive an e-mail acknowledgment.
- If and when you are considered for a specific position, you will be asked to fill out additional forms, including financial disclosures, and be subject to other reviews which may include FBI background checks.

Click Here If you want to join the Obama-Biden Administration.

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50 Kids Happy To Get a Nintendo Wii For Christmas

A collection of about 50 children opening up their Christmas or other holiday presents only to be surprised by getting a Nintendo Wii under the wrapping paper. Some laugh, some cry, some faint, but most go crazy and scream.

I don't know what to say when i see this video.Please look at this video.

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ELF Christmas Video Card !!! Merry Christmas

I create this video at I have use my and my cousin photos to create this video.You also can create a video like that if you want.This deal will expire at 1/15/2009 at jibjab. You can download,email to any one and embed too.

Comments this video if you like it.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Jennifer Aniston's Sexy GQ Magazine Pictures

Jennifer Aniston's sexy GQ Magazine nude pictorial in the January 2009 cover.
GQ Magazine is generally a great men's style magazine but because they have decided to put a nearly naked woman on the cover every 3 months,

I just think she is such a good , real, and honest person. People that put her down, oh well, look around, umm paris hilton, tara reid, the list goes on and on and on of no good hollywood trash. Jen does Not fit into that category, she is wayy classy and has morals, and morals in this society now means your boring, man what a world. It doesnt matter what anyine says...JEN all the way.

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Electronic Arts To Cut 1,000 Jobs

Electronic Arts Inc, the second- biggest video-game publisher, boosted planned job cuts to 1,000, or 10 per cent of its workforce nd will consolidate or close at least nine studio and publishing locations.

EA, Electronic Arts Inc., is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. EA develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for video game systems, personal computers, cellular handsets, and the Internet.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Manchester United Win Fifa Club World Cup 2008

Wayne Rooney came to the rescue as Manchester United beat South American champions Liga de Quito 1-0 on Sunday to win the Fifa Club World Cup and lift one of the few trophies to have eluded them.

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has admitted he is desperate to win the Club World Cup and believes claiming the trophy can spur his side onto Premier League glory.

Manchester United win Fifa Club World Cup LDU Quito - Watch more Free Videos

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Record Low Mortgage Rates

U.S. 30-year mortgage rate hits record low 5.19 percent.This was the seventh straight weekly drop in 30-year fixed mortgage rates, according to Freddie Mac.Low mortgage rates encourage homeowners to refinance and first time buyers to take the plunge.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Orkut Add Christmas Theme

Orkut has released a new orkut theme for upcoming christmas holidays. I am sure you all are feeling very excited to view this theme. Let us see how this theme looks like.

Screenshots - New Orkut Christmas Theme

Set New Orkut Christmas Theme

Do this step to get Christmas Theme.
  • Go to your edit skin page
  • At the bottom, you will find the new Christmas theme.
  • Choose and set that theme.
  • You are done.

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Bush Bails Out Automakers

The Bush administration came to the rescue of the troubled U.S. auto industry Friday, offering $17.4 billion in loans in exchange for concessions from car makers and their workers

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

iPhone 3G Finally Unlocked !!!

I Said Thank you Dev team for your hard work and dedication towards the iphone community.According to the Dave team’s blog, it has successfully cracked the iPhone 3G for use on any network.

the unlock won’t be available until New Year’s Eve, but the team’s promised that it’ll have a simple GUI interface style.

The team cautioned that the unlock will only work on iPhone 3Gs with baseband version 2.11.07 or earlier

Find out more information online about the Dave Team.

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FedEx Freight Plans To Reduce Staff

I have found very shocking news for another jobs cut.I have post it all most so many jobs cut post in my blog Click here.

The Memphis Daily News has reported that FedEx Freight will cut 450 jobs throughout the U.S.

The article says FedEx Freight cuts will occur at 150 facilities within the FedEx Freight network, and that some employees will have the opportunity to work at other locations. The Memphis Daily News also said that roughly 35,000 people are employed nationwide by FedExs trucking network.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meet The 'Slumdog Millionaire'

The film tells the heart warming story of an 18-year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai who goes on to win a staggering Rs.20 million ($420,000) on India's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" game show.

Slumdog Millionaire has also tied with "WALL.E", a computer-animated-science fiction-romance film, for the Best Picture award from the Boston Society of Film Critics, besides winning the Best Editing prize.

Named as one of the Top 10 films of 2008 by Associated Press movie writer David Germain, ranking at number four, "Slumdog Millionaire" has also won four EDA (Excellent Dynamic Activism) Awards from the Alliance of Women Film Journalists (AWFJ), including Best Film and Best Direction.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sister Sells Brothers Online For Christmas Gifts

I find out something cool that might be some one is looking to help this girl for her Christmas Gifts.

If you or someone you know would like to bid on a date with the Walters twins, check out their Craigslist post by clicking here

This what i find out in her craigslist page.

Hi: I'm a 14 year old girl in a wheelchair and I need some spending money for Christmas Gifts. With my disability, I can't babysit, wash cars or other things that reguire the use of legs, so, I decided to auction off a date with my handsome twin brothers and yes, they are twins! They are single, 22 (legal) and like I said very handsome. All of my friends think so too! One of them is a firefighter and the other is a web developer. They have agreed to help me with my venture. The date will include dinner at a fine restauant, drinks and transportation (in Austin and surrounding area). It would be a fun evening out and would make a nice gift for a couple (or one) ladies. Please submit your offers and I will update them each night at 8:00 pm. The highest amount wins, bid high, cause I have to pay for the date. Females only please (my brohers insist), and over 21. The date will be Saturday the 20th, and the bids close on Friday the 19th at 8:00 pm. Anyone wishing to make donations to Kristin's Christmas Wish can make a donation at any Bank of America Account#5010 0108 1132 The Kristin Walters Medical Fund.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

BB&T Company Acquires All the Deposits of Haven Trust Bank, Duluth, Georgia

Haven Trust Bank, Duluth, Georgia, was closed today by the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was named receiver. To protect the depositors, the FDIC entered into a purchase and assumption agreement with Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T), Winston-Salem, NC, to assume all of Haven Trust's deposits, including those that exceeded the insurance limit.

The four branches of Haven Trust will reopen on Monday as branches of BB&T. All the depositors of Haven Trust will automatically become depositors of BB&T. Deposits will continue to be insured by the FDIC, so there is no need for customers to change their existing banking relationship to retain their deposit insurance coverage. Customers of the failed bank should continue to use their existing branches until they receive further information from BB&T.

Over the weekend, depositors of Haven Trust can access all their money by writing checks or using ATMs or debit cards. Checks drawn on the bank will continue to be processed. Loan customers should continue to make their payments as usual.

As of December 8, 2008, Haven Trust had total assets of $572 million and total deposits of $515 million. BB&T agreed to assume all of the deposits for $112,000. In addition to assuming all of the failed bank's deposits, BB&T will purchase approximately $55 million of the failed bank's assets. The FDIC will retain the remaining assets for later disposition.

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The Pecos County Bank Acquires All the Deposits of Sanderson State Bank, Sanderson, Texas

Sanderson State Bank, Sanderson, Texas, was closed today by the Texas Department of Banking, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was named receiver. To protect the depositors, the FDIC entered into a purchase and assumption agreement with The Pecos County State Bank, Fort Stockton, Texas, to assume all of Sanderson State Bank's deposits, including those that exceeded the deposit insurance limit.

Sanderson State Bank's sole office will reopen on Monday as a branch of The Pecos County State Bank. All depositors of the failed bank will automatically become depositors of The Pecos County State Bank. Deposits will continue to be insured by the FDIC, so there is no need for customers to change their existing banking relationship to retain their deposit insurance coverage. Customers of the failed bank should continue to use the same banking location until they receive further information from The Pecos County State Bank.

Over the weekend, depositors of Sanderson State Bank will have access to all of their money by writing checks or using ATMs or debit cards. Checks drawn on the bank will continue to be processed. Loan customers should continue to make their payments as usual.

As of December 3, 2008, Sanderson State Bank had total assets of $37 million and total deposits of $27.9 million. The Pecos County State Bank agreed to assume all of the deposits for a .55 percent premium. In addition to assuming all of the failed bank's deposits, The Pecos County State Bank will purchase approximately $3.8 million of assets, and have the option to purchase owned premises and equipment. The FDIC will retain the remaining assets for later disposition.

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Miss World 2008 is Russia.

Russia's Kseniya Sukhinova has been crowned the 58th Miss World after a two-hour spectacle in Johannesburg, South Africa, that combined elements of travelogue and reality show. Miss India came in second and Miss Trinidad and Tobago third.
I wish India won for miss world because India have 2 Miss World
1) Aishwarya Rai
2) Priyanka Chopra
But any way Congratulation Miss Russia.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice Storm Freezes New England,Massachusetts

Gov. Deval Patrick says it could take several days to restore electricity to all of the estimated 350,000 homes and businesses in Massachusetts that lost power during the ice storm that battered the Northeast.

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Alcatel-Lucent to cut 6,000 jobs

Alcatel-Lucent SA, the world’s largest maker of fixed-line networks, will cut 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) of costs in each of the next two years, including 1,000 more managerial jobs, as Chief Executive Officer Ben Verwaayen tries to end losses.

The new measures bring job cuts to 22,500, including 5,000 contractors announced today, since Alcatel SA bought Lucent Technologies Inc.

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How To Loss Your Weight

I find this video at and i was like man... This is too much. I thought if any one out there want to loss weight should go there.

Here is the video.

An American man wins a trip to a Chinese weight loss boot camp to try to lose about 400 pounds.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

KB Toys files for bankruptcy

KB Toys has filed for bankruptcy for the second time in four years. The 80-year old company based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, operates 460 stores and reported total debt between $100 million and $500 million, with total assets in the same range.

Things must be really bad: Most toy stores do as much as 50% of their sales in the weeks leading up to Christmas, but apparently KB didn't even think it could hang on and try for a Christmas miracle to save the company.

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Stocks Tumble on Auto Bailout Worries

Wall Street's anxiety about Detroit automakers welled up Thursday, sending stocks sharply lower in an afternoon sell-off as investors grew fearful that a bill to rescue the companies wouldn't make it through the Senate.

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Bank of America may cut up to 35,000 jobs

Bank of America Corp. said Thursday it expects to eliminate 30,000 to 35,000 jobs over the next three years, as it faces a deteriorating economic environment and tries to absorb Merrill Lynch & Co.

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Kills Dozens in Iraq Restaurant

A suicide bomber killed at least 55 people Thursday in a packed restaurant near the northern city of Kirkuk where Kurdish officials and Arab tribal leaders were trying to reconcile their differences over control of the oil-rich region.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

at&t Launch " AT&T HomeManager "

Easy communication
The latest technology makes for simple, one-stop access to your address book, voicemail, Yellow Pages, email and more.
  • Make instant calls using your address book, call logs, and Yellow Pages online directories.
  • View recent messages and select the call you want to listen to first with visual voicemail.
  • Read and respond to emails without having to go to the computer.
  • The handset and frame even have built-in intercoms for room-to-room communication.
Quick access to the information you need.Internet snacking! 
The touch screen serves up all the tidbits you need, quickly and easily.
  • Get weather info, the latest news, movie show times, previews and reviews, sports scores, stock quotes, recipes, lottery numbers, horoscopes and more.
  • View interactive maps of your YellowPages search results.
  • Admire and share photos from your latest trip right on the color touch screen.
Stay more organized — in less time.
Cutting edge technology helps keep you more organized than before.
  • Use the calendar to get appointment information at a glance and remember every engagement with automatic reminders.
  • Innovative address book keeps your mobile and home contact information for friends, family and coworkers in one easy-to-access spot.

Click Here For More Information.

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Office Depot cutting 112 stores, 2,200 jobs

Office Depot Inc. will close about 9 percent of its North American stores and cut 2,200 jobs over the next three months while planning to open fewer locations next year in an effort to cut costs.

Shares of the office supply chain rose more than 12 percent after Wednesday's announcement.The company now plans to open 20 new stores next year, down from its earlier estimate of 40.

Office Depot will also close six of its 33 North American distribution centers as part of its long-term plan to combine its supply-chain systems.

I think in USA so many stores going to be close down.Let's see what happen next ?

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ooma: Free home phone service.

Kiss your phone bill good-bye
Silicon Valley startup Ooma wants to help you connect you home electronics for cheap - starting with your phone.

The ooma is a revolutionary phone system like no other before it. Some of the most impressive features include:

  • Unlimited calls in the US without any charges, fees, ridiculous taxes, you name it!
  • Instant Second Line™ feature that rings the other phones on the system without having a 2nd number!
  • Message screening that allows you to send calls directly to the voicemail system!
  • Online access to your voice mail and other setup features!
  • Extra features like 3-way calling, caller ID, call waiting, and do-not-disturb for no extra costs!

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SKF to cut 2,500 jobs

Swedish group SKF, the world's leading maker of ball bearings said on Wednesday that it will cut 2,500 jobs, including 1,300 temporary posts, as key auto clients struggle in the economic downturn.

"The automotive segments have continued to rapidly fall and a negative trend is now also seen for the industrial segments, leading to much lower total demand for the group in the fourth quarter," SKF said in a statement.

"SKF has initiated a number of actions involving a reduction of the workforce by around 2,500 people globally."

It said it had cut production during the third quarter to cope with the fall in demand but had to take further action in face of the continued downturn.

At the end of 2007, the company's workforce totalled just under 43,000.

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